Show your Setup Photos *w/ monome*

  • Just wondering how everyone integrates their monome (or future monome) into their production/dj/music making setup?

    I want to see pictures! :D

    attached is a picture of my current setup with a 40h + 128 used for mlr along with NI traktor for scratching / ableton live for effects.

    I have the Dean baby ML/SM58/kaossilator/computer output running into the behringer 802's inputs along with the Mini-KP run though the unit's FX send/returns. I have the output of the mixer run into my Audio8.

    I also have the mini-kp's output split to the 802 and to another input in my Audio8 to capture the kp's output directly.

    I use Live mostly as a glorified EFX box, i want to try molar... but i find it too intimidating...

    I never use the mic, and i have yet to learn how to play my guitar or keyboard...

  • THATS AWESOME!...gimme a little time ill put my pic up

    *edit: btw scratch is my most inspired me into doing battles and practicing pretty much every day to get to dmc..good stuff once again!

  • This is still a project in the works, for example the cheap 'closable' plastic case I hacked two 128's into has got to go and I have some serious cable management "issues" to deal with.Everything except the laptop, the Monome's and the Kaoss Pad are currently bolted down with custom metal mounts into a "lightweight" DJ coffin .The Monome's and laptop will of course stay easily deployable for "shuttle"missions:)

    The idea is that I can unplug the power feed and the studio monitors feed,close the lid and move everything.In the time it takes to boot my computer and launch Live I should be fully setup and ready to play. (in theory still)

    Everything revolves around one Ableton template song with midi cc's from the Machinedrum or Spectralis controlling initial mixer and rack chain setups for up to 127 patterns/songs without having to reload a Live set.

    Currently there are 5 input channels for the MD and Speckie, with three more channels reserved for Live input or what have you.Then there is eight Molar channels, four VSTI channels Running NI Massive and U-he Zebra, two "phase utility" return channels containg all my "tweaking FX" chains and one return for reverb, one return for parallel compression ,one return as an internal Molar feed and one return as a Kaoss Pad feed.
    The yet to be mapped into the template Behringer controllers should give me "instant" access to my most critical Live tweaking functions over the range of three presets per device.

    The whole process of trying to simplify my setup has led to some very complex moments...

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  • @gurulogic

    that is a sweet sweet setup

  • here's mine :)

    2560 x 1920 - 1M
  • @SB
    Wow, nice rack!
    Your 64 looks so small next to everything ;)

  • @sb,
    i've got the same yamaha mixer!

    what are those modulars?

  • @corporation
    how does the vestax controller perform?

  • I happened to snap a picture this morning.
    No monome visible, though. :(

  • i really like it, super portable, and with the jog wheel bug from previous versions sorted out - feels damn close to cdjs and scratch performance is no joke. (at least in Traktor and djDecks)

    x-fader cut can get nice and sharp as well (as well as slow/soft)

    over all i really really like the unit, it's allowed me to cut the analog mixer out of the traktor equation, while giving me access to 2 additional decks (for a total of 4)

  • @sb

    mmmmm....roland space echo...*drool*

  • @corporation.. i noticed on your monitors you have wallpapers of subway you live in nyc by any chance?

  • @stretta..

    by any chance are you from russia? you got a pretty nice rug there ;)

    but i still love your set well as everyone elses!

  • @simcitizzon... nope, I just love the city! :D

    I've taken lots of summer vacations there, those are 2 photos i took...

  • ahh gotcha...well next time you roll through lets us know!... :p

  • great setups guys!

    really nice collection of stuff there

    ill post my more modest setup soon!

    and i thought i had alot of equipment!

  • @sb

    I spy an extra ROM in your miniwave. What is it?

  • @soundcyst: the bottom 2 cases of large format are, the top case is a mix of MOTM, Modcan B Series and Encore. The Eurorack case has modules from Plan B, Livewire, Doepfer and MFB.

    @SnareHanger - mmm... not working very well space echo :( - i need to get it properly serviced.

    @stretta - you have good eyesight! it's a socket rocket, i haven't actually tried it out yet as i'm waiting for the Plan B Euro conversion to come out so i can run it in my Euro system.

  • @sb

    I'm waiting on the conversion kit too. I sold my miniwave with all my other Blacet stuff, then they announced the euro conversion kit, so I picked up a used miniwave in anticipation.

    Breathless. Went to the noisebug site today and there was a minor update on their general status. ELF modules will go up for pre order on the 27th. No word on the miniwave conversion kits.

  • love this thread. I've been working on my home studio for the past week, bought a rack, bought $150 worth of balanced cables, put everything together, etc... cleaned off my desk, the whole nine. I'll post some photos in the future once I write it all up for my as yet unstarted blog.

    Also, ever since a co-worker gave me one, I've been seeing Ensoniq DP/4's (and DP/4+'s) everywhere... and this thread delivered on that too. Really sweet bit of hardware, which I've only barely dipped my toes into so far.

  • i've gotten in the habit of setting up in my backyard...

  • ooh what's that touch sensitive delay interface all about?

  • Okay, here's my rig. Loving the monome/zendrum combo.

    I've got a killamix mini (hate the name) on its way from canada, but it's stuck in customs... Can't wait to get my fingers on those knobs! I'm going to place it just under my monome and zendrum so I'll have everything at my fingertips.

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  • hey hypno im loving that 256 ;) whats that zendrum thing do? i never heard of it..

  • >whats that zendrum thing do?

    It's the Zedrum ZAP. It's just a midi controller... The same way the monome is just a chunk of wood with lights :)

    The triggers are ULTRA sensitive...

  • Here's my current set-up - tends to change around a lot, but lately this is pretty much it. Amazingly, it is not only my studio, but my living room, bedroom, office, and laboratory as well. My landlords affectionately refer to it as 'New York-style living in Los Angeles'.


    Slice of analog heaven...Love seeing all the modulars in this thread.

  • ghu... 2x128 in 8x32 configuration.....drrrooooolling.

  • @soundcyst..

    hes hiding a 64 somewhere!! lol

  • i saw that just after i posted!

    8x40....... o_0

  • jealous of you all..

  • Yup, my 64 lives in my backpack. Took it to the Max/MSP classes an such it's my traveling companion.

  • @ci1t1zen

    thats 64 goes every where i go too...i take it to work everyday..havent missed a day lol

  • @sb & stretta

    After seeing stretta's cwejman & plan b dual timbral gate video, I just found the cash to order the dual timbral gate to indulge my subotnick fantasies.

    Do either of you have any experience of the model 12 vactrol filter?

  • Wow, c1t1zen, nice set up!

  • @pixelmechanic - the dtg is a great module - you'll enjoy it. i'd definitely recommend you consider a Plan B model 10 poly envelope to go with it if you don't already have one - they really go well together if you're wanting to play subotnick :)
    i only have a Plan B model 11 filter so can't comment on 12.

  • @ pixelmechanic

    I don't have the model 12. I do have a model 11 and a custom triple vactrol low pass gate by peter before plan b was an official entity.

    The model 11 is a nice filter, but I get the Buchla / Subotnick sound from the LPG. The model 13 is what you want. Whip up some FM using a couple oscs, create the fastest, snappiest envelope blip you have access to and feed that into the LPG CV input. Instant Subotnick.

  • @ Simcitizzon/c1t1zen: I'm the same way... my 40h is almost always on me, wherever I go - work and everything.

    c1tizen - you have a lot of really awesome stuff. I always wanted an MS-10 or MS-20, and you have both! We need to get together and jam sometime!!

  • @c1t1zen

    two 128s and a 64?

    Love the cwejman, and space echo, btw. cwejman just melts my head. What an amazingly-engineered product.

  • Talk about tightest blips, the envelopes on the Cwejman are the snappiest things I've heard. I've been able to buy a bunch of the gear locally here in LA. Like the MS-10 was a craigslist find the guy was practically throwing it out cause of the broken keys. Space Echo is lots of fun and just replaced the tape :)
    The Cwejman is one of the most clean sounding mix cutting synths. Designed like a mini ARP 2600 but sounds completely new.

    @sb is that a circuit parts box used as a 1/4" to 3.5mm converter for your two modulars? I might have to steal that idea. Thats the main component I feel I'm missing from that corner.

  • @citizen - yup. it was the only case i had sitting around when i needed to put it together. it works well though and is handy as i can move it to the most convenient spot for any particular patch. i think i'll need to build a slightly more permanent solution with more jacks as well though as i often run out of them patching between the two.

  • Some lovely gear round these parts...

    I don't have a current pic of my studio, but I've got a few pics from a recent live session...

    Guitars > FX > AC30 --AC30 Fx Loop (Nord Modular G2 > Electrix Repeater > Laptop running mlr and Lloopp > Copicat > AirFX > AC30)

    == Mucho fun.

    750 x 1000 - 825K
    1000 x 750 - 965K
    1000 x 750 - 798K
  • studio:

    studio shot's missing quite a few things. but you get the idea.

  • I like how the xylophone is centered around a bunch of electronics jmelnyk... :)

  • @ jmelnyk - wow, man. I like the way you roll...

  • @wingo


  • rent: there's a melodica underneath it :)

  • @jmelnyk
    hah! that's great. i also have a 256+melodica+toyxylophone+microKorg obsession...

    it seems that there are two major camps here - the monster analog/modular synth types, and the smaller-synth+circuitbent+guitar group.

    i am moving this weekend, so my studio is in boxes. hope to have a picture when i re-set-up

  • I love my 256. It's the only bit of hardware (most of my "gear" seems to be software these days) that's *always* out in my studio (and by studio I mean my office, and by office I mean the south wall of my living room). I love my 256, but have to say there's something intriguing about gurulogic and c1t1zen's dual-128 setups.

  • @c1t1zen -

    What's the grey box on top of the one korg (with the monome 64 box top - on top)?