Any Cool (Monome) Android Apps (For Tablet)??

  • hey guys,
    i'm a proud owner of a nexus7 and now i'm wondering, if there're some fresh apps for creating/destroying sound (something like a synth or whatever), control sound (is it possible to let the tablet behave like a midi controller??) and/or even something to connect the tablet with the monome??
    i can imagine that some of you guys have some insider stuff for me or at least some nice ideas : )
    i'm not talking about any "real piano" and "real drum" crap ;D

    .....that mobile app stuff is all new for me.....


  • thanks for your answers so far :-)
    i'll keep you poster if i find more!

  • hi,
    i got an android phone last week myself and so far have successfully installed and connected 'wireless mixer' and 'OSCream' (-> monomeelulator, see docs).
    I use OSCream routed to pages to switch between apps.

    Androidome wasn't updated since android 3 i, I think, and doesnt work for me on android 4.
    The only problem so far is that the phone and my laptop running the max-apps need to be in the same wifi-network (wireless mixer used midi-over-wifi) and my laptops wifi-component is unable to create an hotspot, so i had to order an usb wifi-stick to create an ad-hoc network. At home you can use your dsl-router but when travling I don't want to carry an external router with me for just occasionally setting up my setup.

    I will look through the other links mentioned here, but if you find anything new keep me updated, please.
    I think Laptop + Touph-Screen-Phone could be a really nice and lightwigh minimal-setup travle solution.

  • there's 'touchDAW' as well.

  • thanks for your thoughts and suggestions : )

    i'll post it here when i find something interesting!

  • I wrote androidome quite a few year back so not sure it even works on newer versions of android. Been planning a rewrite for a while but haven't got round to it yet!

  • not monome but there are some good android music apps listed in this thread