Os X Mavericks

  • you're welcome!

  • I just upgraded, early adoption for the sake of the greater good - been out of commission doing design work for a book - about to install 1.2a.

    the thing that bothers me the most is the FTDI driver download. I know we all know how helpful FTDI have been, but i just HAVE to say, that I love that the installer on osx gives you two options: "10.3" and "10.4-10.7"...

    if you're, ya know, a tech company and all, don't you think you should update your drivers when you're a few versions behind the current standard OS of a major platform? :P

  • Hello beautiful community.

    Long time no see :).

    I'm having issues with Mavericks: none of the apps (in exception of myr's monome home) seem to detect my gs64. I'm running max runtime 6.1.5 (and I really don´t know, but I located serialosc -1.2- in the Cyclyng 74 folder, since -in runtime- I don´t find any "patches" folder).

    Should I upgrade to serialosc 1.3?

    Why aren't the apps recognizing my device? I do really miss Polygome :(...

    Thanks guys for your useful and helpful contribution.

  • are you sure you've installed it in the correct max6.1 folder (not max6). when you say 'not recognized' do you see the serialosc section with an empty dropdown and 'connect' button, or is there no such patch?

    post a screenshot of your max window (command+m to show it)

  • Yeah. The serialosc section shows an empty dropdown menu. Tonight I could post a screenshot, but you got what I meant. :) Mr. galapagoose.

  • well, I finaaally gave up and got a macbook, cuz I want to aleph w/o pc serialosc futz.
    using 1.2a got polynome and ableton to work as test. hooray.

    mavericks doesn't like the fasttrack ultra pro , though. looking around it seems like there are other hardware audio driver issues. some say that it may be several weeks for a fix. look before you leap, it seems.