What to start with?

  • Hi all. I'm new here and to the monome ecosystem.
    As many other here I'm looking in to ordering a monome. My question is for you ppl who already have some experience with one.

    Is it any downside starting with a 256(except for the cost)? I mean, it seems like a somewhat steep learning curve and will it be too much to handle with a 256 vs a 64? Or maybe it's the other way around, better to learn on a 256?

    I'm looking to use it for my self in my home studio.


  • hard to say without knowing what you'll use it for...
    (and without ever having owned a 256)

    in general
    the number of buttons is not going to affect the learning curve
    the app determines that

    even so, most folks prefer the additional width a 128 or 256 affords

  • the only "learning curve" with more buttons is getting used to intuiting which button you want to press, if that makes sense.

    What I did when I first got my 128 was make a grid with paper tape that divided the surface to 4x4 sections, until I was used to knowing where, say, column 8 was. Good thing about paper tape is it doesn't leave a residue.

    other than that, like gli said, the app determines the learning curve. The monome is an interface - treat it like an instrument and you'll discover your fingers developing muscle memory to move where you want them to as you practice.


  • ok, thank you very much for your answers! I think I have made my mind on a 256 then (it is also the only one left in stock).
    @misk good tip about the paper tape!

  • @karaokaze yes, maybe thats a bit more elegant. I will combine this and make awesome small squares of paper tape and set them in 4x4 grids ;)

    But, really. Any tips, tape , videos, mental activities etc you have to recommend is highly appreciated! Maybe there is a mo-noob thread on this forum that i have missed?

  • @karaokaze wow, thank you! Did not know about that google tip either, very useful!
    I'm that kind of guy that download the manual as PDF and read it before it arrives, love to be prepared :)