• video in the middle here, under the heading "Terpstra Keyboard Concept" is a great one, very informative yet transparently explained, and even includes history with some crucial folks like Bosanquet and Erv Wilson:

    definitely a keyboard design i'd go with(if an affordable one had ever existed).
    it makes alternate tunings more easy to comprehend from a performer's perspective, too.

    anyways, just thought it'd be interesting to share, especially since i think the design is a very important one.

  • really interesting!

  • That's great.
    According to my ears, the organ sound in the video is not in 12 tet. They didn't say anything about it, too bad, i'd like to know which temperament it's in. Sounds great !
    (Or it's pythagorician with different keys for flats and sharps ?)

  • Ha !
    didn't watch till the end ! sorry !

  • (11'25" with this lady through the door window, that's so weird !)

  • And karaokaze, i missed the alternative tuning part in your comment as well. My apologies.

  • i have one of these for microtonal explorations:


    i started with his 'tuning box' then got an early tonal plexus. they've gotten a bit better in construction, and the software adds are constantly being updated.
    it's huge how crowd-funding has allowed a lot of these lost projects to see the light and get in to peoples hands.

  • yeah, you control velocity via slider or footpedal, and no visual feedback for the particular tuning.
    every single key is programmable via the software, so portions of the keyboard can have different tunings etc.

    i'm curious how much the 'upgrade to led's' will be, as that would/will be amazing. maybe that's a separate indiegogo.

  • i like terpstra's enthusiasm :)