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    max msp site~!

  • Website:


  • Hardware:
    General Music:
    Log of finds:
    1 of many crazy sites I've built:
    Series of mixes of CC Music from:
    Generative Art I sometimes do:
    Field Recordings: (need to do more)

    …there are more, but these are the ones that get updates.

    (if anyone ever wants to do a lesserknownmusic mix let me know, I tend to just use netlabel and creative commons tracks to promote artists who don't have a label pushing their tunes.)

    On the subject of "dust", map~map's blog, I think it's one of the most amazing things online, it's a constant source of shame for my laziness. Funnily enough through that, and twitter, I'd consider Marc a friend. Looking forward to one day being in Portland and being able to buy him a beer or two.

    edit: that makes me sound like a stalker. My point is thru Marc's daily updates and deep insights into his creations, I "know" him almost as well as I know people I work 8 hours a day with.

  • @kramer: your site is really helpful. I'd say, collect from here as well.

  • @kramer,
    yes, please do

  • Since we're all sharing, here are my spots:


    Haha, wow those URLs look similar when you see them all in one go!

    I'm also working on some apps for my thesis, so I might post something up in the next couple months. At the moment, my online presence is primarily tunes and videos (just posted a new video today in fact!)

    Also, I want to mention that MadeByRobot and MapMap's blog are two of my favourite places on the web!

  • Dude, Math. I really like your video man. Have you ever checked out my app? 64(video)Fingers? Here's the demo in case you haven't. You might like it from the looks of your vid.

    Sorry to hijack the thread a little...

    All the best!

  • Thanks Egon!

    I was really impressed by the 64 Video Fingers demo video when you first posted it up, and I've been meaning to try it for aaages...

    So thanks for the reminder -- it is now ready and waiting on my desktop!

  • Okay Guys! I got my blog and website underway. 4 days in and still going strong. In the spirit of mapmap's dustbreeding. One creative thing a day and refraining from smoking for the entire year.

    Please check out my site and comment. Your support means a lot!


  • Just loaded up a new website actually:

  • new album will be here very soon:

  • Here is my website/blog showing my 100% DIY 40h clone project :

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  • site design by edwardloveall!!!!

  • hi... musically, i'm threatdisplay, at

    professionally, i'm, on vimeo...


  • Http://


    check it out!
    its free to download

  • not a thing a day, but...

    have yourself a subscription. i post irregularly musical things and things in my head - things happening.

  • mainly post music and photos here -


  • hey, missed this the first time round i guess. I'm at


  • ooh, got me own webpage now as well

  • mostly info for my first kit,

    check the videos page for my electronics tutorials / etc

  • lot of cool websites here yall!

    here is mine:

    archives of beat tapes/albums/videos/pictures that i've put out over the past few years.

  • we have one too :)

  • great stuff by all
    lots to follow up on

    those two have links to my tumblr and bandcamp


  • @kero: hey man totalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy digging your website!. And I must confess, never been really into glitch until Kit Clayton came along (which is mostly the only one I listen). But your music is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm really into it. Congratulations man you are the freakiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhh I love this forum, where else in the world you could find such class...

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  • just consolidated everything (tumblr, soundcloud, twitter) to one convenient place...tell me what you guys think.

  • Not much on my blog yet,
    just finished my arduinome but i will have some more videos up soon.

  • Not really monome related. I contribute to a blog on local electronic music here in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

    Mostly interviews with local performers. We are doing our best to form a community in a college town. Not an easy feet.

  • Site for my radio show, also features reviews and other such things.


  • - made by our own Luke Hall. - my band



    a site for various projects/releases i have going on. free downloads for music and samples too!

  • i used to have my uni paper on the arduinome on my site but never replaced it when I updated my site to include my freelance media type stuff, might put it back on and in the wiki

    I started a new website with my mate selling hardware mods, our own synths and stomp pedals ect, not finished yet tho so can't really share that at the mo!

  • label


  • Finally got round to updating mine:

  • liking peoples websites! nice!!

    makes we wish I knew how to make a decent one, instead of just using iweb :(
    might have to ask my mate to help out in making a fresh looking site!

    good work!

    anenon: nice tunes on the label that Supreme Sunlight video is nice and glitched out

    st8: nice pics and music!

    couldn't click all the links on this thread! ;)

    that satans hollow module sounds sick! hows that goin?

    might have to go through this whole thread and check what peeps are up to! mad shit! lol

  • here's a blog my good ol home dukie started not too long ago..


  • some nice blogs here, interesting stuff. mine isn't amazingly active but there's the odd bit of monome stuff there...



  • @scrubberfox - thanks! it's making some gnarly sounds! i just played last night so today is just dedicated to getting this up and going. i have my "ultrasound" pictures from an oscilloscope reading i took a few weeks ago and have been to busy to continue on it until right now. i just hear it and it sounds nasty!! i'm going to try to get the rest of it all together day and hopefully tonight take some photos/video/sound samples!


    Radio an that. Send me your tunes. the.screechy.badman aatt