Show your website/blog


  • Wish I had a real website...Hope you enjoy!

  • I'm slowly but surely building my ultimate max patch for my new 128 and during my procrastination the other day, I set up my Tumblr and Soundcloud pages that are now my official site.

  • i started a blog over the weekend.

    the first post is about my uncle's large collection of old vinyl.

  • Nothing monome related (yet) but my webpage with music/pics/video etc...

  • all things ableton & buttons:


    it contains some of my music, graphic design work (portfolios), my blog and twitter feed, among other things i've been a part of.

  • Been slapping as many of these up in as many spots as possible.


    music, and some funny little life musings as well.

  • Music and art

    by me and some friends.

  • just revamped my site


  • updated my site url in a few places...mostly photography work as of late.

  • My modest blog about Irish musicians and the equipment they use.