autechre Q & A

  • there is a 50 billion page Q&A thread with sean and rob over on WATMM. save yourself the grief and just browse this handy spreadsheet:

    some really interesting nuggets and insights, for example, they are still working more or less exclusively in MAX for composition.

  • this is great. in awe that they make that noise with max.

  • new interview with the lads from rochdale. doesn't really get into the geeky nuts and bolts like the q&a did but a good interview

  • Great interview. Over 20 years! Am I really that old. What an epic catalogue that they have, gold dust

  • autechre are my beatles and i'm not ashamed to say it :p

  • best bit from the watmm thread when asked to define music: "music=speech-text"

  • ^ @ootini++ they're totally mine too. confield is totally my white album…

  • "autechre are my beatles and i'm not ashamed to say it :p"

    so according to what i'm reading, you just told us that to you, autechre is the equivalent of the most popular of all cheesy boy bands ;D

  • lets just say that there are parallels in this metaphor that i haven't fully worked out.

  • it has taken me ages to 'get' autechre. it just always felt like this was the sound of an experiment in a lab conducted by robots in the year 2842. they finially clicked with me about 2 months ago :-)

    still think the beatles are shit though.

  • I loved this quote from a review of Exai

    "[the album] still sounds like it's being beamed back to us from some impossibly brutal future, but a future that's actively working against the short-attention-span present."

  • @declutter lol: cylon and garfunkel are probably rinsing the hell out of exai.

  • What does the word 'cane' mean? Sean uses it a lot and I'm guessing it means a good thing. I Haven't lived in a british colony in a while and I hadn't heard that one before.

  • I'm from NW England as well. He just means he's using / listening to something a lot.

  • I think it means it's the dogs bollocks like putting a donk on it while you're marchin up the apples and pears, feeling bob on, hung like a shire horse, ready to shag a wee lass senseless.

    (or perhaps i'm just a ponce, gobsmacked with a stonker for such chav, yet somehow still sophisticated banter ;D big ups to the uk massif!)

  • bet they smoke fags too

  • Bet they suck those fags right down to the butt!

  • ha ha - you're not that far off raja - you could be a limey!

  • Ha ha in fact sorely misunderstood are us Brits. Majority of those words aren't used in everyday speech, if ever. Bollocks is a word that I endeavoured to spread whilst travelling in the US, it is unique and priceless

  • bite the back of me bollicks is a common phrase to be heard on the streets of Dublin.

  • i'm not an autechre fan yet

    mabye i'll start there and work my way forward

  • 'Amber' by them is possibly the best electronic track ever written. Just been tucking in!

  • spent some time on youtube / emusic since my last post

    anytime i'm sifting a bands entire discography i start at both ends and work toward the middle

    or i go straight to the best looking album cover

    (somewhat unfair to the artist to compare and critique years worth of work in a matter of seconds/minutes but its just how i dig...)

    eutow & piezo led me to their respective albums
    so far amber is my personal favourite and wouldve caught my attention anywhere i mightve discovered it

    really solid production

  • +1 for incunabula. awesome album. the egg!

  • lp5 changed my life.

  • the opening track on lp5 is such a rush! RMTO every time.

    if I was to pick a single track I'd probably go for pen expers off confield. amazing noisy off kilter percussion parting to reveal the most amazing blushing melody.

  • in case anyone was wondering: Rushing My Tits Off

  • just listened to lp5 for the first time. holy shitsticks! why didn't i start with that one?

  • I don't understand why Autechre and Cycling '74 don't do more together.

  • Thanks for the answer blokes. Was more interested in the entomology cocaine or cane like beating a stick. heh.

    Been a fan of Autechre for as long as they've been releasing material. Some great stuff but then some albums like Oversteps didn't do it for me. I swear that album sounds like out of tune analog gear. Interesting to learn it's MAX patches. Exai redemed them for me. They create such amazing textures. But I rarely read articles about them because either the author doesn't get enough time to absorb the material or they have very little studio info because they are so mum about their process usually. It was nice to see in a bit into their workflow. I bought a couple of those half rack delays because I heard it was one of their secret weapons and boy does that warbble and darkness ooze out of them just like on a few of their earlier albums. I need to practice my MAX for while before I can even get close to their sounds though. They must have a lot of modules and pre-patched ideas by this point. Cycling should really sponsor or do something with these guys.

  • shame the top link on that free patch database is broken. I learn most from taking other people's patches apart.