Any Monome Gurus in the Los Angeles area?

  • Am looking to pay for some instructions. I'm not computertarded I just have a tough time with the max routing and would really like to take more advantage of this cool tool!

  • i wasnt sure if you were the same dude as
    (for future reference a bump of that thread wouldve been simpler)

    setting up a monome for the first time can be quite frustrating even if you are familiar with music tech/ dont feel bad

    i'm on the wrong coast to provide the 1v1 help you seek
    a quick "los angeles" search on this site brought me here:

    + top of the page on google for "monome LA" :

    so the answer to your question is yes

  • I'm in LA and I would be happy to meet up, jam out, and share a few tricks.