plane p for m4l?

  • Has anyone ported plane for m4l? I am trying but it's messy...

  • Plane is available and works in M4L as part of BEAP now.

  • i can't plane to work at all in any form. this makes me sad.

  • A little more info here:

    Plane as part of BEAP is actually 'Plane 2' which doesn't seem to operate in the same way as the original at all.

    @ jhindsight
    If Plane from this app page doesn't work for you then you have some issue with your setup. It's working for me with serialosc 1.2.

  • i was just being a tard i just wasn't getting any sound.

    is there no playhead in the beap version?

  • I need to use it more but so far the differences I'm seeing are:

    In the BEAP version I cannot seem to get the Arc to work at all.
    Enabled steps at the top of the grid are all OFF by default
    There is a "chase" mode that is OFF by default that moves through the sequence
    There are inlets for X/Y navigation (used to be controllable via Arc)

  • I've been playing around with this too... is 'enable steps at the top of the grid' easy to turn on?