FS: Monome 256 (2013 Batch)

  • I've decided to sell my 2013 Monome 256. To explain my situation I've been revisiting past pieces of gear I sold off throughout the years as I delved further into Max/Msp. I had only experienced a 128 so I acquired this particular 256 directly from monome. I realized shortly after the monome arrived that it's not the device I wish to make mends with and that what I need instead is some hardware to form ideas out on before I digitally process them through Max. In short, I was spending entirely too much time on the computer. A few days ago it dawned on me (after witnessing a personal musical influence use one in his live performance) that I'd like to get back to my old mainstay- The MPC 1000. I'm willing to give any offers sincere consideration. With some luck I'll be able to find a new home for this beautiful device and achieve the funds required to reunite myself with the first piece of gear I ever owned. Thanks for your time.

    If you have any interest you can contact me: Backdoor.Spyboter.C@gmail.com

  • I sent you an e-mail.


  • The 256 will be sacrificed to eBay starting next week.
    Price is not set in stone, so let's hear those offers before it's out of my hands.

  • still for sale?