Autism and monome

  • I just love these magical little music-boxes from the future. They're just great.

    Anyway, I was wondering if this would help people with autism/aspergers for the simple fact of the tactile sensations (pressing the pads) and the lighting of the pads and stuff.

    I have Aspergers so delving into these monome's is a walk in the park for me. I just love it.

    I think it would be very helpful for education and to help people with autism spectrum disorders.

    Not sure what I'm trying to say here.

  • Depends whether the idea you're trying to teach them lends itself to a grid of lights and buttons.

    With the "when you see this facial expression, how does the other person feel?" stuff, I don't see much benefit. With the physical therapy stuff... it seems like you'd need a full body monome (whatever that means).

    I don't personally see it, but that's not a reflection of your idea; just of my limited imagination. If you have a more specific vision of how it could be helpful, a lot of us here would be happy to help you make that a reality.

  • "I have Aspergers so delving into these monome's is a walk in the park for me. I just love it."

    I have been known to act as though everyone in the monome community has Apergers!

  • From what I know, many children with Autism do something called "Stimming"

    From wikipedia [Stimming is a repetitive body movement that self-stimulates one or more senses in a regulated manner. Stimming is known in psychiatry as a "stereotypy", a continuous, purposeless movement.]

    This can manifest itself it many ways across all of the senses, but for the right Autistic child, perhps one with Tactile and Visual stimming preference...I can see the monome being a huge hit...although you might not ever get it back. :)

  • i don't know much about autism, but would love to see where this could go..

    the cool thing delving into this is you can change the software as you figure out what works. you could start with a few basic ideas, and see which work and where they take you.

  • @95

    Exactly. Although, when it comes to writing software, I have NO clue how to do that ... yet.

    So far I enjoy Pages and Polygome. Flin's fun too.

    My one thing I will say about some monome apps, is that you can't stop them. Unless noted.