final 2013 grids and arcs

  • we found a handful of stray plates which were sent off for refinishing, which means we will have a few final grids and arcs this year. 64's and 128's have shown "sold out" on the order site, but i've added stock back-- purchases made now will ship first week of december. we have only a few 64's and less than ten 128's. we also have about a dozen each of the 256, arc4, and arc2.

    we're also planning out future productions-- there's a very strong likelihood we won't be producing all 5 devices. while we really like each individually, we also see a need to focus our energies and also focus more on software. i'll be posting as new developments emerge. several projects on the cusp of sharing!

  • i'm reeeeeally interested in the future of grids

    each edition has been a refinement . makes me curious to see how the new ones will change [and in other ways remain the same]

    hopefully 128s make the roster cut :)

  • no doubt. back in 2009, i don't think tilt was finalized, yet, and perhaps the LEDs were of a different shade. also, the walnut seems to differ year to year, but yea, my favs startup of all times.

  • Do the 2013 Arcs still have the buttons on the encoders?

  • Is it possible to modify them at all to have the buttons?

  • on the bright side they do have higher resolution than their older pushbutton cousins

  • Yeah I was looking at that. Quite significantly higher it seems so that's nice.

  • @BillyL
    But since you're going to be most likely using Max anyways, theres a lot of work arounds you could do. Set keys on the keyboard, make an arduino with two buttons to chat over serial, etc.

  • @MCDELTAT Thanks for the suggestions :)

  • we're out of 64's. check the forum for used devices!

  • we're sold out of 128's!

    also we won't be shipping any more grids/arcs until the new year. if you want to get something quickly, control voltage has stock ready to ship.

  • Are the pictures on the main page dated or are you no longer designing Monomes with the "frame" of wood around the metal faceplate? vs.

  • first photo is the most current edition. second photo was discontinued in 2011.

  • do I see it correctly that you still have 256s and arc 4s that would be shipped if I ordered?

  • yes, it'll take about a week to get them built, we're launching back into aleph building.

  • When - if so - will 40h be made again?

  • you mean sixty four? 40h hasn't been built in years.

  • we're have a new edition of the 128 announced soon.

  • Yeah I mean 64, it's actually been years since I last looked into it

  • @tehn can it be an updated, varibright 128GS? please? :)