Album/Artist Artwork

  • It has been awhile since I posted here. I used to be a semi-frequent poster a long time ago with videos and tuts. I stopped doing music all together from artistic burnout. Went on to study design and photography, and that is fortunately how I make a living in this world.

    I am slowly coming back to music with a fresh new view, and monome will be part of it.

    I have always admired this community and wanted to offer something to artists who are finishing up albums/ep's/singles: Artwork

    If you need an album cover(cassette, vinyl, whatever), or just general artwork(logo, photo manip) for your project, then lets talk. I am doing this for free. I want to do good work that helps others doing good work.

    The only thing I ask is that you trust my vision, and give credit where credit is due when the time comes.

    Usually my process is I hear your work and go off on what has inspired me with your art, and couple that with what your vision is/your intent with your work(unless it is completely different) and create!

    Who wants to give this a try first?

  • hmm. sounds interesting!

  • t1mp!
    what up man!
    glad to see you back...
    its been hella long!
    im sure you'll get some awesome projects....
    this place is still cracking!

  • @edison: glad to be back. Hella long is an understatement. How is your work cracking along?

  • @ootini: that is my hope :)

  • yessssss
    everything is good man!
    working on some new things now!

  • @edison: do your thing. Look forward to hearing!