Stems for remix fun off of new Kinetic Monkey album

  • Good morning my button bros (and the occasional button sis).

    After a good few months of work Bex and I are releasing a new album. There's a little promo doodah here:

    A couple of friends are doing remixes of one of the tracks for a bit of follow-up promo after the initial launch (sometime in the new year). And I thought to myself - I know a group of talented and esoteric musicians who might be interested in this! There's no cash in it as we'll be giving both the album and the remixes away for free - we just want to create something beautiful. If you'd like me to send you the stems for remix, or just to have a play around with them, send me a private message here with your email address on it. Or you can just send an email to kineticm AT hotmail DOT com.

    Mucho monkeylove!

  • Thanks to those of you who've requested the stems. They should be in your inboxes.

    Meanwhile we released the album yesterday! Had a great little get together with friends to celebrate.

    It's on a radiohead-stylee pay-what-you-want download at

    Check it out guys, and if there are any other tracks you'd like stems for just let me know.