SOLD: Trade or sell Smithson Martin KS1974 touch screen controller

  • Now Sold thanks

    556 x 587 - 83K
  • wow that is a steal of a price

  • Yep, I deliberately priced it low as it's the season of spendy madness about to descend upon us all...but it's no use to me at the moment, music studies require I need a keyboard more these days so needs must.

  • hi tanais

    I am interested in this but a bit unsure

    Are you using this with OSX ? and do you have templates for using as a monome? I don't porgram so need more info please.

    I have found conflicting information about this

    can you send me details to


  • Tanais built his own 512, completely unique in this world. I don't imagine he's put a lot of effort into emulating the monome on other hardware.

  • @greaterThanZero: I knew he had a 512, i considered buying it :) but i'm too tight a scotsman hehe

    he did say in his post that he lost the monome's in an accident and virtualised it all in an evening, so i was wondering how this virtual setting worked fitted


  • I virtualised all the synth and sample triggering controlling hardware in logic, its so simple... I set up a virtual control surface to do the same thing but more like a soundboard... That level of loop/control/interactivity is beyond me but lashing up a surface that holds faders, panners, mixers, filter controls (a la lemur) sample triggers and so on was a Doddle and saved my ass not to mention my BA... I lost everything just months before the final submission and I was NOT going to be graded on my documentation.... So I redid it but differently.

    I lost my 1st and 2nd gen arduinomes, not the monome and I lost my Stribe to the fire among many other things, but i re-machined the stribe... the monome finally got anodised at the same time (see under stribe)