first impressions

  • Hello,
    I received a second hand GS 64 this morning.
    I was a bit nervous about setting up things (all those discussions about serialosc problems...).
    But everything went fine.
    I have tried several Maxruntime apps and I was able to go through the whole SuperCollider Tutorial.
    Nice gear,great apps,great site.
    Thank you all!

  • Welcome :-)

  • @karaokaze,
    The 'One TrigPony' UI I got is a 8x8 grid.
    Under this grid,I got:' Bar length','preset','store','recall' and 'note res'.Nothing under that.
    If something is missing,there is no urgency as this is near the end of the tutorial.
    I'm not a SC Dude,really...
    There are a lot of infos I need to "digest" on the other pages.
    Thank you for this.