MaxMSP/Maxforlive: Seq~ quantizing to Live's Transport?

  • Has anyone worked with the MTR~ or Seq~ object in conjunction with Live's transport?

    I would like to be able to take the button press data that is coming in via the monome and have it quantized it to Live's Transport on playback. I don't have much experience with quantizing data to the transport. Do you have to do this on input? How do I need to think about this shiz?

    I had MTR record/play/loop working, and I know how to get Live's transport, but not sure how to go about connecting the 2 in a quantized manner. SOunds like this may not be doable with MTR~

  • You can quantize the messages you send to it, but that's about it. I don't believe there's any way to alter mtr's speed if the tempo changes, for example.

    This isn't nearly as straightforward to work with, but the seq~ object might serve your needs more completely.

  • I did notice MLR used SEQ~ for pattern least I think that's what I understood while looking inside.

    I was hoping to pull it off with MTR~cause I already have much of the functionality as far as recording/playing/looping pressed buttons but alas, sounds like SEQ might be more flexible.

    I appreciate the suggestions :)

  • note: SEQ~ and SEQ are very different beasts. You want to use SEQ~ because its tempo can be controlled by transport-dependent...things. I'm blanking a bit on the specifics.

  • Tutorial defines seq~ as: An evenT driven sequencer that is driven by a signal input...can be used to create looping sequences of control data that are synchronized to a phasor~

    May have found a way to lock phasor~ to Live transport here: (cool newly discovered blog as well)