"Shape Your Tools Or You Will Be Shaped By Them"

  • thank you
    (it´s really aleph related imo)

  • Excellent! Thanks for posting this.

  • if i'm honest
    this made me feel extremely lazy

    but the knowledge required to disassemble or build electronics seemed out of reach for most of my life

    its only recently that i've begun to grasp how simple, safe, and interesting diy tinkering can be

  • Thanks for posting - inspiring.

  • I enjoyed the vibe of the video. Cheers for posting.

    I also feel I should say that while circuit-bending battery operated equipment/ low voltage stuff if perfectly safe even for complete novices, you should stay well away from messing with mains voltage equipment until you really know what you're doing. That old crt monitor that the dude is modding at the beginning can store some high voltages (even when switched off), that could cause you some serous damage!

  • sometimes we take stuff apart just because we can, and the goal isn't very interesting. but it's empowering to know how to pull it apart. and some day something might actually get pulled apart for a good reason.

    so, i don't see a good reason to feel lazy, especially if you're doing something you like. i just appreciate that these guys like doing their thing!