Help with Pages and Live Clip Launcher

  • Hello all. I just got my monome 64 grayscale this week. Having a blast thus far. I am however stuck with getting pages and live clip launcher to work properly. I have searched through a few of the threads dealing with this but I can't seem to get my head round it. I can get ableton to respond to MIDI notes (MIDI Keyboard) from the monome but clip launcher just sits there cold. The last LED 1 row up from the bottom lights up and thats it all other button presses are unresponsive.

    I placed the LiveOSC scripts in my ableton directory, I have LiveOSC selected as the control surface... Im sure im missing something simple.

    Im running win7 64bit with Live 8.3.4

    Any suggestions?


  • Hi and welcome!

    One common issue that I've run into is, when I've put the LiveOSC scripts in the ableton directory, I've copied the directory labelled something like "LiveOSC 8.2.1 - Windows+OSX", rather than the folder _inside_ that folder which is just named "LiveOSC" - that would lead to the problem you have?

    Does the rectangle appear in Live which shows it's expecting something to be controlling a number of clips?

  • Hello declutter!

    hmmm... i definitley put just the "LiveOSC" folder into the ableton MIDI scripts folder. But no I don't get the rectangle around the clips... I know it should be there having controlled live with a number of different devices. I'll quadruple check Ableton's MIDI scripts folder again just to be sure.

    cheers :-)

  • hello! did you install python 2.5.1? i had to look it up in the readme file myself, but there's a requirement for it as of 8.3.3:

    Note: As of version 8.3.3 on Windows you will need to install Python 2.5.1 for LiveOSC to work. Download it at This is due to the apparent removal of the socket library from Ableton's embedded Python interpreter.

  • the one and only phortran! greetings bro! Sooooo.... having read all the docs and that, I had installed python from the get go. Having had difficulties getting things going, I scoured alot of the existing threads looking for an answer and someone had suggested removing python for some reason, and as I was entering tired desperation mode I uninstalled it.

    I just re-installed it and... BAM we have contact! I don't care how or why it is working right now but it works.

    Thanks for the help! I have been going through this forum for about a year or so and the community here is a large part of the reason I decided to enter the monome.

    Thanks again. Im glad to be here. :-)

  • hey thats fantastic! it's a lot of moving parts so congrats on getting it all going and sticking with it.

  • I'm waaay too stubborn to give.up lol. Another thing I'm having some trouble with that you or someone else might be able to help,me work out is controlling mlrv via pages. I get as far as seeing extapp:******* in the mlrv drop down, but when I press connect nothing seems to happen.

    I hope that isn't too vague.

  • you might check this thread for ideas! the info in here would be my first suggestions:

    i need to play with binding to all interfaces, i wonder if that would fix some of these issues. i'll try to make that tweak tonight..

  • Yessir... i found this thread after posting in this one. The issues therein seem simliar to mine indeed. I haven't tried to set it up again yet but im about to now. First I'll watch the video and carefully read through that thread again.

    thanks again for your assistance... the refreshing air of dedicated support here has me overwhelmed. thanks again.