bounce / bounds m4l serial osc + individual speed for each ball

  • Here is a working serial osc version of bounce for m4l.
    I added also an extra feature, each ball can have a separate speed.
    Just set it in the top menu of the edit area of the ball.

    please tell me if it works, ill then ad it to the apps site

  • Something seems to be not working with the serialosc part. I don't get a dropdown populated with my device.

  • try to press connect and change.
    Then it should show the menu.
    Had the same over here when i tried it and i thought its just a glitch.

    ill look into it tonight.

  • problem solved, try again link in the first post please...

  • Yup, all seems well. Nice!

  • I have bigger problems with this device, I hope someone may be able to solve.
    If I save a Live project, and then reload, the pitch options for each ball are not saved. They seem to change to completely random places.
    Also if I link a midi cintroller to the actual pitch boxes on the panel, also when I relaod the set, the links I saved have changed to other boxes on the panel.

    Apologies I don't have the full version of Max or the knowledge to fix this, but if anyone can solve it I would hugely appreciate!