confused- mlr samples?

  • hello! i just tried out the latest mlr serialosc edit from here:

    and now when i drop in my .wav files, they don't show up except under the generic name "file" in the drop down menu. screenshot attached.

    what did i miss? something must be wrong with my samples to not be recognized. they used to work!

    thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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  • Is that mlr or mlrv? Versions of mlr are shift click to open in the rows.

  • yeah that's the aes-edit i just fixed up. i've never really used it myself so i don't really know what the deal is, but it's not really the 'latest mlr'. stick with the standard unless you particularly need the additions of this version (it was updated by request from someone who wanted this specific version)

  • thanks for both of your help- but it seems that any version i use does the same thing… shouldn't the menu be populated by my file names and not the generic "file"?

    you can see in the new screenshot attached here that i just downloaded the latest version of mlr from the documents list and i have the .wav files right there which i just dragged and dropped into mlr. i can shift click the file into the row… but it still doesn't load the specific file because they seem to not be registering in the program at all?

    these samples for mlr are the same ones i've been using for years before the serialosc versions of mlr came out...

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  • you mentioned in the other thread that you recently cleaned out / updated your computer. is there any chance you don't have java installed? i don't think that'd be it, but perhaps?

    maybe screencap the max window (command+m) after you've loaded mlr?

  • Yeah I requested that version (thanks again galapagoose!). I never ran into that issue with the sample names. Whatever sample I put into the drop box shows up in the drop down menu as their original filename. I'm not even sure what this shift click functionality is but it sounds cool enough to go and investigate.

  • @galapagoose- THANKS!! that did it… i checked out the max window and was able to at least see that the program couldn't find the file path. i copied all my mlr samples into a new folder and replaced them in the same location and now they are recognized. something had gotten corrupt about the location of my original folder. what a mystery! i was so confused because clearly the files were on my computer as i could play them outside of mlr from their folder.

  • ah yes! i was looking at the screenshot and noticed you have a number of spaces in the file path. max has trouble dealing with these unless you explicitly tell it how to, so i'd say that was it. didn't want to jump to that conclusion though as i was thinking you'd probably always stored things in the same folders...

    glad you worked it out.