eno / four tet

  • don't know if this was mentioned here before, but going through a bunch of eno interviews/lectures, there's a funny moment at the end of this one after a bunch of seemingly random audience questions where four tet suddenly shows up and asks something that eno really likes-

    four tet starts at the 1 hour and 15 minute markā€¦.

  • Yes. I though this was awesome when I saw it earlier this year! Great stuff!

  • Wow! Not the question I expected.

  • @declutter indeed

    i want to discuss/elaborate but i'd rather not spoil the surprise for anyone else who hasnt seen it yet

    thanks for sharing jay :)

  • that's funny he has no idea who he is

    has anyone listened to that track he mentions? i don't really see anything which 'you don't find in any other music' in it. just sounds like bog standard gospel to me.

  • Great question and amazing answer. Wow. Thanks for this!