Help with serialosc.maxpatch max 6.1

  • I could use a little help in configuring my max 6 folder as i'm making the switch to live 9. I can't seem to get any apps to work in max 6 and they all give me the same message (see attachment). Im assuming its something simple but as im a bit of a simpleton and still new to the monome I can't figure it on my own.

    I have put the serialosc.maxpatch in the max 6.1 patches directory. Is there something else im neglecting to do?

    1280 x 800 - 47K
  • I probably should add I'm running win7 64bit. Max 6.1 64bit.

  • ok so i copied my externals from my max 5 folder now my errors look like this (see attachment).

    1280 x 800 - 41K
  • looks like you're running the zeroconf version of serialosc.maxpat (i'll assume that's because you're running pages). as such you need to install the zeroconf externals to make that work.

    if you have done that, then i'd be led to think you're running Max6.1 in 64bit mode? at present the zeroconf externals are 32bit only, and as such they won't work in 64bit Max.

    you can either run the standard serialosc.maxpat version that doesn't use zeroconf (and use 64bit Max & Live), or you'll need to run Max & Live at 32bit.

  • you explain that like you've seen a thing or two ;-)

    I did search through existing threads on the subject but was unable find a definitive answer (probably due to fatigue). I was in fact running max and live in 64bit. I have since reconfigured both programs and all is well. I elected to go 32bit mode mainly because I have found the pages app to be really useful but also because I have encountered some other quirky happenings with other programs and plugs unrelated to the monome.

    Thanks for taking the time my good man.... respect!