thinking of selling monome 128 greyscale.

  • I am not completely sure I want to let this thing go because i love it.... but it has been stashed away getting little love due to my recent love for synths. I am taking offers before i turn to eBay and so on. Thanks for your interest. It is is great condition and can provide pictures or videos of it in use.

  • Are you interested in trading? I have a moog Minotaur or a slim phatty plus some cash depending on your asking price. Also have a Juno 106 and a Polysix

  • Hello
    Could you send pics and videos please?

  • i am interested in multiple options!! send offers my way and yes. will certainly get you some pics later today thanks guys

  • i've got the same model, and honestly, it's probably the most badass 128 out there - it's solid as hell, and sturdy too. You don't have to worry about taking care of a wood enclosure, and as long as you're not scuba diving with it, it's a beast!

  • i have been using this more but i must now sell for real to fund life : ( .
    I am seriosuly working on video of it running some apps and i have pics available for whoever wants them!
    Hit me with offers guys!

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    3264 x 2448 - 1M
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