Gameapalooza Cardiff Exclusive Tracks

  • So this guy, James, off of promoting gigs says to me "Hey, do you want to play a set at this cool little retro gaming event we're putting on called Gameapalooza? We're doing a CD to sell at the event too!" So I was all like, "Yeah, bro, sounds cool." And he was all like "Sweet." So I played the event and did this couple of tracks as exclusives for the Gameapalooza CD. But then I was all like "It's a shame that all of my adoring fans that weren't at the event won't be able to get their hands on the really rather awesome tracks that I recorded." And THEN I was all like "It's Christmas!" too. So I uploaded the tracks onto Bandcamp for you all to download and dance to when you've finished rocking out to that totally zawesomes Mariah Carey Christmas song. HERE THEY ARE.

    Gameapalooza 2013 by donotrunwithpixels