Plane question - reset pattern?

  • I have a question about plane that hopefully someone can help me with. How I can get it so that whenever I press a button on the second row, that the pattern resets to that button? For example, I want to press the button corresponding to the first step of a playing pattern, and have it jump back to that step on the next pulse, since I use an analog pulse to clock Plane. I would also like this to happen whenever I change the loop location of the pattern. Is this something I can modify the patch in max to do?

    Anyway, any help or guidance would be appreciated. I'm a bit of a max newbie working through the tutorials but would like to take on this challenge. Thanks!

  • you press a button and the transport/clock position becomes the pressed position upon the next pulse/tick, instead of position+1 of where you are at in the sequencer? sure sounds possible to do with a max patch. are you using a signal driven sequencer or a transport?

  • Yes, the transport/clock position becoming the pressed position upon the next pulse/tick (or immediately unquantized, selecting between the two would be a great feature) is exactly what I want.

    I'm using stretta's plane-m-vi-cv, and I don't know if it's a signal driven sequencer or a transport. What should I be looking for to figure that out?


  • i haven't had a chance to check out the patch. i hope to soon.

  • Hey no worries! I really appreciate you taking a look, especially since I was just hoping for a nudge in the right direction. Fiddling around in there tho I think I'm a bit over my head.

  • i downloaded and opened up:

    there's a subpatcher called 'pulsetopia' -- that's appears to be where the core pulse information is being generated.

    next, try and locate where the grid presses are being sent to input a note on the step sequencer. also, it's important to determine where the presses are being sent that dictate where the step sequencers 'loop bracing logic' occurs (the part of logic that guides where the step sequencer pattern is to loop).

  • Thanks for the tips!

    I haven't had success yet but I'm becoming much more familiar with what's going on in there.