Analog clock & LFO loops for mlr and daw

  • I got tired of trying to sync my modular or plane to mlr via midi beat clock so I created some simple trigger loops to sync via analog clock which is much tighter in my opinion. I thought I'd share them in case anyone else finds them useful. I use them in mlr but they can be loaded up into ableton or any other daw to sync to analog gear. I just load up a row in mlr and route it to an unused group (6 group mlr edits are great for this) and can start and stop sequences and change tempos and remain in sync.

    I use an expert sleepers ES3 module to send out the audio, but I don't think you need a dc coupled interface for this to work, they just need to be loud enough. There are 8th note and 16th note loops and I also applied SP1200 and mpc swing settings to them as well so that I could get my modular sequencing swinging a bit.

    I'm having a great time with plane since it can accept analog clock. I would love to have this feature in parc as well but with the variable subdivisions it's probably not possible. Anyway, I hope these loops are useful!

  • Here are some LFO's that I made. You'll definitely need a dc-coupled interface for these. And they're pretty hot so you should either turn down the group volume in mlr or attenuate at the destination. Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Square waves in 16ths and triplets. And single cycle for the sine, tri, and saw. I'm having a ton of fun spitting them out to my modular from mlr. For example, if you send one to the varispeed of the phonogene, you can mimic vinyl scratching by messing with the start points.

    One other thing I noticed about the triggers. If I have a few rows of different tempos on the same group and send it to a sequencer, you can alter rhythms to get away from the straight nature of some analog sequencers.

    And this is for you eurorack heads, I thought about sending the slower pulse to clock in of my PP/Brains. And the faster one to the envelope to get more than one instance per note. Then I thought, if you send multiple clocks as well as the 3 outputs of the PP to logics and switch modules, you have a hardware version of parc! I'm gonna make some triplet triggers to vary it up some more. If anyone is interested I'll post them.

  • Had to split them up, here are the triplets:

  • I made a proof of concept video for a friend of mine and decided to share. It just uses the straight 16th trigger loop. Far more interesting things can come from switching clock speeds and lfo's in mlr. But you can see how tight the sync is. By no means a musical statement but the vacuum cleaner in the background does make a nice noise source :)