aleph: scene sharing

  • just put this simple delay effect together for the aleph, and thought we could try and have a 'scene sharing' thread where people post the scenes they've built in bees. this will probably get really messy but am yet to figure out a better way to host & organise contributed scenes.

    here's a start:
    called 'dubs', using lines to make a stereo delay with crossfeed between the two channels. send audio to inputs1&2 for a mixed dry/delay signal on outs 1&2. send audio to inputs 3&4 for delay signal only on outputs 1&2, dry signal only on outputs 3&4.

  • I couldn't get dubs to work unfortunately. I booted into bees.0.0.0, then I loaded aleph-lines.0.0.0.ldr and then I loaded dubs but the resulting network is essentially empty, no connections, and there is just a constant tone on the outputs.

  • strange? the 'constant tone' infers that waves is still running and the scene hasn't recalled lines properly. ezra also pushed an update for lines immediately after i finished the patch, i'll have a go at re-making the scene today.

  • I was using bees 0.2.0 and had similar results as @kotdotnot except no tone.

  • where did you find that bees 0.2.0 ?

  • ok! rebuilt it in new bees and fixed the tap tempo timing business. try again and see if it works for you guys?

    new bees is up on the wiki now at

  • when loading a scene, the appropriate dsp will be loaded automatically.

  • @galapagoose: Seems to be working now! Although I have nothing to plug in ATM..will try some sound input as soon as I can.

    @tehn,zebra,galapagoose: How is a default scene set by the way? I've been booting continuously via the 3rd button because 'THIS' became broken and I don't know how to set a new default scene.

  • a default scene is blank-- if you mean upon a fresh bootload. waves is loaded by default, with no scene.

    when you power down, the current state will be stored. next bootup you should have the same state. if you want to skip this power-down saving, hold down MODE while powering down.

  • ok i think it's becoming more clear. During a normal boot, I was interpreting 'reading default scene' as something I can somehow set somewhere. For example: I want 'dubs' as my default scene so I'll set/configure that somewhere..but the default scene is basically the last one you had open when you powered down last?

  • could it be made configurable as to how the machine boots?

  • @dadek in what way would you want to customise it?

    if you hold KEY2 whilst booting you'll get a blank scene if you'd prefer to start from that point.

  • ever since I upgraded to bees.0.2.2 I can't load any scenes anymore, specifically THIS, dubs, and enc0. whenever i load a scene, it finishes loading very quickly and the network is unchanged (default structure). i'm guessing its because scenes are potentially not compatible across bees versions?

    between the version of bees, the version of the modules and the version of the scenes, it can get very confusing!

  • how does one load an empty scene? the CLEAR button in the SCENES page is not operable yet?

  • oh i see, when you load a module, you get an empty scene.

  • sorry, should hook up the CLEAR button. there is a github issue (#29) listing implemented/unimplemented commands.

    you can also delete operators from the end of the list with the DELETE button on the ops page.

  • re: compatibility, yes sorry, it is difficult. we could have used a couple more days before shipping frankly, because i hope that there won't be cause to break compatibility with scene files from now on, at least for a while.

    but for the moment we should consider this software to be in an alpha state, and there aren't any guarantees about backwards compatibility. that's why every version of every component is stored in the master branch on github.

  • I finally got this going. On the Aleph Apps/Scenes page this is listed under "For Grids" but I can't seem to get any effect changes with a grid attached.

  • Here's a little scene based off Waves. I'm still learning but wanted to share anyway. At the time of posting: aleph-bees-0.3.3.hex + aleph-waves-0.2.0.ldr (i think!?! its so hard to keep track. if its not working let us know)

    - Top 2 encoders are filters for the respective oscillators
    - Bottom 2 encoders control tuning of the oscillators

    -CV in 1 -> wave0
    -CV in 2 -> wave1
    -CV in 3 -> wm01
    -CV in 4 -> wm10

  • cool man

  • @c1t1zen - sorry, someone moved it! no grid interaction i'm afraid. uploading a new cv sequencer now.

  • new sequencer for CV outputs:
    still getting to know this thing, but it's lots of fun if you've got 2 (or more oscillators) to plug into.

  • woah
    dude thanks!

    slightly unrelated nitpick...i wish there were a quicker means of accessing the "share" page in the wiki

  • ummmm.. bookmark it?
    the aleph page is already so busy!

  • Thanks for the CV step sequencer.

  • added a new probability distribution based CV generator. there's instructions included to attach it to the waves synth if you'd like to hear what it does without a modular synth.

  • it shows up like this in the finder "bells_______.scn" is that right. thanks!

  • that's right for now - ezra's still working on the text parsing business for bees. let me know if you get the scene working (i don't think the naming should be an issue).

  • Just rename it if you want.

  • @emergencyofstate care to share the scene? Sounds interesting.

    edit: Look up 11 posts ^

  • i'm really enjoying playing with lines /dub, thanks for sharing that. however i clearly haven't mastered saving presets yet as every time i think i've stored one and named it, when i recall it it doesn't seem to be there. is there a step-by-step on the proper way to create presets in bees?


  • I was enjoying dubs last night as well, I went in and started tweaking settings. pretty cool.

  • "is there a step-by-step on the proper way to create presets in bees?"

    i'm also interested.

  • Got my scene back up. please let me know if it works for you. This one is built off Waves and utilizes CV ins

  • thanks @emergencyofstate. can you post what bees and waves versions you're running it on? thank you.

  • @dadek: Sure. You should use the most recent versions of both I believe, included version numbers in original post.

  • Thanks for uploading, I'll check it out. :)

  • Some more interest on a short description how to save presets in bees from me here, too.

  • @emergencyofstate thanks for the new scene!

    i guess now would be a good time to ask everyone do you add scenes to the wiki?

    i've never had a need to use it and i dont want to wreck a page we'll all be contributing to

  • tips re: adding to the wiki:
    - you'll need to update this page:
    - simply copy another scene's line and change the location & short description
    - change the 'dubs' part in [[aleph:bees:sharing:dubs]] to the name of your scene.
    - save your changes (make a note as to what you did)

    now you'll see a red link to your page
    - first open another scenes wiki page, press 'edit this page' (top right), and copy the contents.
    - then open your red-linked page, it will say 'this page does not exist'
    - click the 'create this page' button and it'll make the page for you
    - paste the contents of the other scene and update everything to be about your app

    you'll need to upload the scene file (zipped) using the 'picture frame' button.
    - on the left click 'scenes' under [root]/aleph/bees
    - you'll see other scene files so you know you're in the right place
    - click 'Select files' and choose your zip file
    - hit 'upload', it will take a second then say 'upload failed' but don't worry
    - press 'done' and your file should now appear.
    - if you then click the file name it will insert it in your page > make sure you put it in the right place in the page.

    phew -- that seems complicated, but after you do it a couple times it's pretty quick.

  • yo thanks trent

    great explanation + it doesnt seem too hard

    tested by upping @emergencyofstate cv scene for him:

  • A few CV apps lately any MIDI output apps yet? I was trying to set one up but maybe I need a MIDI module, not sure. please advise. Thanks.

  • yes there is currently no MIDIOUT operator. tehn should have one finished soon.

    thanks for doing that gli! i should add that explanation to a little note on the sharing page.

  • @Gli, Why thank you, sir.

  • @eos cant get the scene working myself and am a synth novice so please feel free to add any details about the controls that i misunderstood

    edit: scratch that...looks like you already have :)

  • Yes, my fault. Sorry. I guess the bees version I have is not the latest (i'm on 0.2.0). I'll update the wiki. This is all difficult because you don't know whos on what and bees seem to not like scenes created in earlier versions of itself. Maybe that's the crux of the tool being worked on, not sure.

    If the scene loads properly you should hear 2 tones and immediately get changes in the audio as you twiddle knobs.

  • surprised there's no midi based scenes up yet

  • I really want MIDI

    I'm going to setup some CV gear in the mean time.

  • @c1t1zen i'm working on midi tonight and can post anything that may be usable by others

    (it'd be great if you could share any CV scenes you've got that work with the latest build)

  • [BEES 0.4.2] Here's a scene called Simple Sequencer. Place .scn file in your data/bees/scenes directory on your SDcard.

    Top Left Encoder: Clock period (need to know how to "reverse" enc values)
    Top Right Encoder: Adjusts sequence length [Button 4 toggles which sequence you're adjusting]
    Bottom Left: Transpose Seq1
    Bottom Right: Transpose Seq2

    Button1: Enable/Disable clock
    Button 4: Toggle between sequence length 1&2

    You can adjust the note values (represented as midi note #s) of each sequence via the 2 'LIST8' input params. I'm working on adding CV control as well as manipulation of notes.