aleph: enclosure disassembly

  • Just pulled my Alpeh out of my shoulder bag today, picked it up and I hear the sound of something small loosely moving around in there.

    So, something came loose...hopefully just a washer on the other side of one of the 1/4" input jack? I did notice last night, almost all of them on the outside of the enclosure were fairly loose, less than finger tight and I tightened them snugly w/ my fingers.

    Anyway, is there an easy way to expose the innards to see what's shaking around? I'm not sure which hex screws to remove.

  • it's a pretty complicated process to take the whole thing apart, but the easiest and most illustrative way to have a look inside is to remove all the jack nuts and undo the 2 hex screws on the back plate.
    i'm guessing one of the standoffs came loose that hold the back plate in place? seems strange, but understandable — there are numerous points of finesse in the assembly process, so perhaps one element went wrong.
    once you have it open, probably best to send a photo to and we'll be able to walk you through it (would prefer to wait until we can put together a proper assembly/disassembly guide w/ pictures).

  • i would suggest taking off the bottom. it's pretty easy-- 1/16" hex, 6 screws on the bottom. when you take it apart take note that there are 6 nylon standoffs in there that might fly out onto the floor.

    i suspect one of the hex standoffs came undone.

    we'll get a disassembly guide together.

    yes, do e-mail