aleph: SD card structure + files?

  • greetings! my aleph has arrived… but via a long long story, i don't have the included SD card. can anyone point me to the files that i currently need and how they should appear on the card? i have found versions of bees, waves, lines, and a few other little things here and there but am not sure of:

    1. what is the best options so far for which versions to use vs. breaking compatibility, etc.
    2. how to put these on a new SD card so the aleph can read them

    basically i want to start to play around with the unit… mess around with waves and a grid, etc. and then slowly start to explore.

    i have read and read again the threads here and also the documentation on the website but i'm in over my head- not sure anything so far is relevant to this question here so thought i'd start a new topic. thanks for any advice you can give!


    that should be all you need and its already structured properly (i think)

  • @gli - thank you so much for the quick response!!! i'll drop that onto a fat formatted SD and load it up...

  • have fun!

    dying to see where your imagination takes you with this tool

  • just to be sure! the sdcard was taped to the envelope of prints. a few people have had trouble finding it. but perhaps that's not the long story.

  • we'd need a new category on the forum to get the full version out one day ;-)