Quicksave buffer in MLR

  • Hi all!

    I'm using aes edit 0.4 but I think it applies to all versions. I love being able to record loops into the buffer but I was hoping to speed up the saving process cuz it kinda kills my flow to click write, navigate to a folder, and name it, then load it in the dropbox to use.

    I really like the quick record feature of max where you don't have to name it, it just puts it in a default folder and names it automatically with the time. So you can quickly record a bunch of stuff and go back and sort through them later.

    I was hoping to add this feature to the mlr buffer but could use some guidance. Ideally I'd like to click "write", or press a button on the top row and it will save the buffer as an audio file to a default folder and auto rename it either with the time or append sequential numbers to a default name, so that no files get overwritten. If it then automatically places it in the pool of samples that would be extra awesome.

    I'm thinking something like this can be done because of the quick record functionality built into max but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas?