• Hi!

    I'm really diggin the form factor and ruggedness of my gs128 so I'm considering downsizing my 2013 walnut 256 for another gs128. Comes with original packaging and usb cable. I'd like to do a swap with some additional cash involved but would consider a straight sale for $1100 shipped within the US.

    Please get in touch if you are interested! I might even consider a gs64. I'll also trade for an aleph haha!

    Also please get in touch if you think I'm crazy and want to talk me out of it :)

    sorry for the crappy phone camera quality photos:

    1632 x 1224 - 432K
    1632 x 1224 - 402K
    1632 x 1224 - 434K
    1632 x 1224 - 463K