new VIDEO...a step up

  • mlr rewire........14 outs to the trusty mini kp
    i was working on a jmel mlr video but i upped my RAM and got sooooo hooked on ableton efx......
    lemme know what ya'll think homies

  • link pls?

  • sorry bout that homie

  • excellent thumbnail frame. =)

  • great video.

  • so so so good.

  • damn.

    new album? when's it drop?

    woah... what was the padKontrol doing? i assume you were controlling effects in ableton, but why were groups of buttons flashing when you hit just one? i may need to pick up a nanopad once they come out... my kontrol 49 is nice but a bit large for this kind of stuff. and once again, the miniKP is sick.

  • i've just got a pK, i'd seen videos of the light display liuke edison's got his set to above, its just a setting for how you can get the lights to display. there's 3, you choose by holding down different buttons as you power on.

    there's the one above with the note 'echo', there's one which is a domino effect (if you press top left, the lights flow down the pads) and theres the normal light on hit but has a screen saver/sleep mode

  • incredible.

  • Unfortunately my current internet at the moment is too slow to watch this, but I'm sure it's prime as usual. Mark my words a year from now your gonna be touring europe, if not the rest of the world.

  • howdy and thank yous!! how've you been!!!? hope the wandering is going as perfect as can be......shoot me an updater......

    @sursiks yeah the padkontrol is just in light show mode.....nuthin fancy and the nano pad look freeeeeeshhhhhhh....

    @soundcyst yeah luck o' the italian right? haha

    so this is the new album going to capture these performances in ableton and make *(hopefully) just slight adjustments where needed.......its a way to prep for shows and record AND being pyhsically interacting with the songs the whole way.....i got about 7 beats laid out and about 3 to this videos stage of completion.......then i have about 12 more still in baby stages.......i will definately let you all know how to get some when its done....
    thnks hmees

  • very nice dude. i am working the same way as you with ableton and stuff. very very cool.

  • Freaking awesome, as always!

    BTW - I'm working on a remix/mashup of 'failure of the year', firebrandboy's EP tracks and the Jack Wagner stereophonic stuff upped by sursiks. Vid should come in the next day or so...

  • way sick edison...can't wait to hear the album

  • thanks!
    can't wait to hear them remixes!

  • @wingo

    Yay! someone's putting my stuff to good use!

    actually... i should do that too. only instead of the jack wagner i'll use pete seeger's how to play the 5 string banjo (i still need to clean that up and post it... that record was really scratched up, so it's proving to be difficult... and i've been buzy/lazy). maybe i'll work in some scratching somehow, those stereophonic sounds are perfect for that.

    we need to post more loops.

  • man - i haven't even had time to post my video remix/response to failure of the year before you blow up the scene again. i've got it finished, i just need a new dv to usb cable (my little brother lost it). great job as usual.

  • mmfff!!!!

    mind-blown again (there's a discussion currently going on elsewhere about temporal perception- i postulate edison here has discovered time travel through mlr rewire).