app: Monome Base 4.5.1 HELP

  • Hello guys,

    I'm recently using Monome Base 4.5.1 - monome_midi_64.maxpat - with my monome64, and I was wondering (since I don't have a programming background) Is it hard to edit this app to act like this:

    my monome is receiving midi from my computer, I would love to see leds lighting up with a different intensity depending on a velocity value.
    for example:
    -velocity64 lights up monome's led in semi intensity,
    -velocity127 lights up monome's led in full intesity.

    I'm asking cause I'm using monome for monitoring midi coming from my computer, and it would be really usefull for me to see velocity values.

    I would appreciate your input guys.


  • Hey guys, do you have any idea? I'm a total noob when it comes to the max code..

  • Ummmm yeah. I couldn't quite remember how to get velocity from the monome, but then I realized you're just feeding input into it. It'd literally be get the midi velocity ,convert it to 0-11 (the max of led levels), and give that to the levels.

    Unfortunately I don't have max installed right now.....

  • Thanks man! I have just passed 30 day of demo :(

  • hi dwa,

    are you using one of the newest grids? if so there are 16 intensity levels.

    how familiar are you with max? does this make sense to you:


    that's like the total basics of what I would do. let me know if you need more help.


  • Hi søren,

    thanks for the reply!
    yes, I have a new monome with 16 intensity levels.

    I just started to mess with max, but I have to admit I have no idea how to make it.. and stuff you wrote looks like a scifi movie for me.. :)

    I just started to think of my favourite interface for keyboard layout to control vst and stuff, and actually this led intensity is my dream right now :)

    Is it possible for you to edit this monome_midi_64.maxpat with your velocity script?


  • in this file in the Monome base folder (osc_howto) there is a 'set led intensity' script which works well, but I dont know how to connect it with velocity value and add it to a monome_midi_64.maxpat

  • -deleted-

  • sorry, i screwed up some visible wires.

    this ones more neat:

  • Yes!!! That't exatly what I wanted! You made my day søren!! Thanks a lot :D

  • So I guess all the magic happens in _midi_bit right? I'll study it carefully.

  • you're welcome! glad i could help.

    all i did was replace the (!= 0) object with a (scale 0 127 0 15).
    this is where the velocity goes through, and it was converting it to 0 and 1's.
    now it scales it to output the appropriate intensity levels.
    i hope that explanation made sense :)

  • Yes man, it's fantastic! Thanks a lot!