aleph: ops: life

  • Hi guys, was experimenting with the newly added "Life" op. I've managed to achieve what I think is some normal Life behavior that I recognize using these ops/connections:

    OPS: Metro, Life

    Metro Enable - 1
    Metro Period - 100

    Metro Tick -> Life/Next

    Any recommendations on how I can take the values Life is outputting and map to some parameters in Waves? So far I haven't been able to figure out how to utilize the LIFE/VAL , LIFE/POP and LIFE/DELTA data.

  • try taking LIFE/POP, feed it into a MUL/A (set MUL/B to 1000 or so), feed that into HISTORY/IN, route HISTORY/AVG to waves/wave0

    simplest: make a MUL, LIFE/POP into MUL/A (set MUL/B to 1000 or so), MUL/VAL to waves/wave0

    smoothing this value: make a MUL and HISTORY, LIFE/POP into MUL/A (set MUL/B to 1000 or so), feed MUL/VAL into HISTORY/IN, route HISTORY/AVG to waves/wave0

  • also-- you don't need a GRID object to use LIFE

  • @emergencyofstate - feel free to share anything you end up saving, if anything!

  • i'll post up a scene tonight!

  • @tehn - that's so rad! i already got eifel to email me a bootleg copy of your personal aleph SD… ;-)

  • [Bees v0.4.0 and UP]
    [grid recommended]
    Life modulated Drone/Chaos Machine:

    -Top 2 encoders are tune control
    - Bottom 2 encoders control cutoff freq
    - Buttons 1 + 2 set each oscillator (hz0,hz1) to a random frequency. Button 3 sets both oscillators firing randomly tied to a METRO. (period modulated by CV IN)
    - CV1 controls METRO period. CV2 controls tuning of hz0. CV3 controls slew for hz0. CV 4 controls slew for wave0,wave1 and pm10.
    - Connect a grid and mash your hand down to get instant results. play with Life patterns to get different standing sounds.

    3190 x 2445 - 615K
  • thanks!!!! trying it now...

  • yes!!! got it working… had to reformat my card a few times and then for some reason reload bees each time i inserted the card again for the scene to be read… but seems to be going now. life on the grid is rocking. getting sound output as well and encoders appear to work. thanks for sharing this!

  • thanks, loading now

  • little rough demo of the scene in use. *I guess Vimeo isn't happy at the moment because of DDoS attacks, so the video may not work properly*

    Here's a little teeny instagram snippet

  • Updated scene with a lot of new controls. this thing is turning into a chaotic noise producing beast. Download plus description of controls here ->

  • the vimeo clip is working

    so sick

  • Nice! I'll try to shoot something tonight with the new patch with audio running through UA Apollo

  • @emergencyofstate - your new patch is running great on my machine! only thing is that the file name is also pixelated like tehn's dronelife in the scenes menu. but everything else is perfect. thanks for putting this up, its super fun!