mlr 2.6.1 EDIT + MultiOuts + TempoButtons + Special ReverbFunction

  • EDIT:
    this was actually a help-thread asking for multiouts for mlr 2.6.1..
    now, after @anzym had made an edit and shared it here, i decided to change the topic!
    scroll down to find his fabolous edit!


    hey guys,

    is someone of you gifted enough to add some (4) multi outs to mlr 2.6.1??
    i have absolutely no idea of this stuff... besides i don't own the full version of max...

    it would be quite awesome if someone helps me with that..!!

    thank you in advance : )

    happy weekend!

  • nobody? : )

  • soundcyst posted something interesting for this topic...
    i think this is it! unfortunately i don't own max.. just runtime...

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  • Hi birdster

    I also needed something similar so I made a multiout version following soundcyst's instructions (thanks soundcyst ;) ) that seems to work fine, although I barely tested it ...

    So there's 5 stereo outputs to mlr in Max :

    1-2 Classic mlr output
    3-4 Group 1
    5-6 Group 2
    7-8 Group 3
    9-10 Group 4

    I've tested it with Jack to connect all of Max's outs into Live9's inputs and it was working fine ! Tell me if it works for you ..

  • I'll test it more "intensively" this week-end ..

  • waaaaah, haven't seen your posts!! I'll check it out immedately!!!!!
    thanks in advance!!! <3<3<3<3

  • i love you. waaaaaaahahahahahaaaa!!! seems to work fine!!!
    i love you. thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • well thanks to you too ! the infos you found helped a lot

  • which drvier are you guys using? Live or ad_rewire?

  • I'm using Jack to send audio from mlr to live then to my soundcard >>

    Runs on mac/win/linux/others and allows you to route signals between applications.
    I'm only using it for audio but I guess it can send midi as well.

    It's open-source so you'll find many addons to control or set it up ...

  • if anyone would like to use it, i just modified mlr2.6.1_multiout again :

    added 2 outputs for the plate reverb (outputs 11-12)
    birdster also needed tempo control buttons so i changed the top row functions to be :

    1-8: regular group stop, pattern rec and shifters
    9: reverb on
    10: global reverse
    11-12: tempo -1bpm/+1bpm
    13-14: octave down/up
    15-16: preset prev/next

    i had to unplug the 'rowfix' from the 8th button on the top row to fit the tempo controls in, not sure what it does as i'm still learning max/mlr, hope i didn't change something important (although everything seems to work fine), anyone knows what it was used for ?

  • @anyzM
    the rowfix button is for when u get dead rows. it happens every so often and its pretty useful to have that function on the monome. just an idea- you could possibly use the shifter+9-10 to do tempo+/-. this way you could fit the tempo controls in and still keep the row fix.

  • @elquinto
    thanks! i didn't know there was such a great function, i was just restarting mlr whenever it happened. so yes obviously it's better to have it at hand, i'll plug it back in once i figure out how the shifters work.

    speaking of restarting things, if anyone needs it, i made a short script for windows to restart serialosc service as i often need to do it in win7