are there any mlr like apps compatable with Mavericks?

  • I haven't had much luck with anything. Just wondering?

  • i've had no problems with mlrv. what kind of issues are you running into?

  • It crashes immediatley, what version are you using?

  • Are you using Max6? I have found that's a bit crashy but with Max 5 runtime mlrv is fine.

  • Yes, 6. Thanks! I'll try 5.

  • Cool. Remember to copy dependencies like xsample into the Max 5 directories.

  • Will do, thanks!

  • It seems to be working! Thanks!

  • great! mlrv is really too much of a beast to run in max6 unless you have the newest of new computers. i've been totally unable to use it in max6 as the 64bit sound engine just grinds my machine to a halt.

  • Oh well, i spoke to soon. I can either connect my grid (sold my arc because i could hardly ever get anything to work with it) or load samples, but not both.

    Monome stuff just never seems to work for me. Everything takes endless trouble shooting and then if there's an OS or app change, nothing works again.

    I need to ditch all this monome stuff as it seems i'm not smart enough to make it work despite all the kind help i've been given. I reaaly, really hope i can at least get some results out the aleph when it finally arrives. I'm exasparated, this stuff just doesn't seem to be for me.