ALT button in play mode...

  • I suppose this has probably already been thought about...with this crew I would almost bet on it

    How could I achieve an 'ALT' system in play mode that would (for example):

    when SW0 is toggled, the aleph's encoders now point to 4 new connections points? Would this require new OPS that virtually extended the encoders?

  • i was asking about remapping encoders (via grid, although this would certainly work for SW) in another thread and tehn said:

    "this is possible using presets. you can map keys to at a preset, and have the preset correspond to output routings."

  • but the question is: can presets be accessed in PLAY?

    might be nitpicking but it sounds like thats what the OP is looking for

  • i haven't experimented with the PRESET operator yet so i cannot say for certain, but my assumption is yes. according to the ops doc sheet for PRESET:

    "READ: any received input recalls the state of the selected PRESET."

    SW/val -> PRESET -> ENC routings???

    i think if SW0 is routed to PRESET, the SW0/val can be used to call different ENC routings while in PLAY. has anyone tried this yet?

  • @emergencyofstate

    answer to original question: this should work, i think. Repeat pattern for each encoder - logic acting as inverter sets alternate sets of gates open/closed.

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  • @knecht is on the right track
    i'd do it a little differently.
    SW/VAL -> IS/A (B=1)
    IS/EQ -> GATE/GATE (active when switch high)
    IS/NE -> GATE/GATE (active when switch low)
    ENC -> Y -> (2*)GATE/VAL

    that gets you a flipflop with only 1 op between the switch and gates.
    if you build this you'll notice there is an issue with the arrangement as the encoders are not 'reset' when switching destinations. ie. the value will 'jump' when you first move it. we're working on ways around this issue.

    re: presets
    indeed you could achieve it by using presets more easily! tutorial forthcoming (sorry!) and i'll fix up the op page because i think i wrote that description before the op worked correctly...
    in short, to make a preset toggle output routings:
    - first go to the ENC/VALs on outputs page and double-press 'INC' to include them in the preset
    - assign the ENC/VALs to the 1st destination
    - go to PRESETS page and write store preset
    - change to next preset & update output destinations
    - store second preset.

    now you can make a simple toggle to switch presets:

    then in play mode you should have the assigned switch swapping between the output routings for your 'alt' mode.

  • Thanks guys, I have this going! I'll do my best to share a scene tonight that is hopefully a good starting point for "ALT" buttons in play mode. Trying to decide whether 1 button should trigger the switch of all 4 encoders or each button toggles the state of a corresponding encoder.

    Implemented as an experiment here w/ Button4 toggling LIST8 max length..

  • a big preset tutorial is forthcoming. it's really quite powerful and different than what you may expect.

    this sort of ALT behavior is incredibly simple to patch when using presets-- since the output routings can be preset as well.

  • @tehn - Looking forward to that!