aleph: ops: bits

  • trying to use bits as a sequential switch but it doesn't seem to work as I anticipated, sending numbers like 192, 160 and 144 to bits/IN and hoping to get these kind of outputs, like for 144:
    I0 1
    I1 0
    I2 0
    I3 1

    but instead I get 144 out of I0 and 0 from I1-I3 ?!

  • hm.... it works as expected for me. a couple things to note:

    - I0 - I7 are inputs, not outputs. you can't directly observe the output values in the default play-mode, you have to hook them up to something.

    - O0 - O7 are least significant to most significant bits, respectively. your post seems to assume this, though i actually think it is kind of weird.

    when i send 144 (= 0x90 = 0b10010000) : bits/O0 = 1, bits/O3 = 1, all others are zero, so that seems right.

    i do notice that there is a glitch in rendering the label string for the primary bits input. it tacks on "I0" at the end because the labels are misaligned in memory. fixed this.

  • looking at it more closely, i see that the thing with the labels is potentially very confusing, all bit indices appear to be off by one even though their values are correct. still fixed in git

  • hm, i am also seeing some weird order of updates in play-mode which should be looked at.

  • thanks for the explanations, works better now but I might have the same weirdness on updates in play-mode, but it can just as well be a scene design problem!