aleph: bees: ops: grid

  • From what I can see, the grid operator seems sort of uni directional in that you can receive X,Y messages FROM the device and map those messages to other parameters.

    But say for example, I wanted some other value in bees to increment an LED across the columns of a grid...Am I missing that side of the equation??

  • yes the GRID operator (originally named RAWGRID) assumes a simple 1-1 mapping between buttons and lights.

    other variations should be easy to make, including for example a fully decoupled interface that just sends presses and/or receives inputs for LED state

    other useful things, maybe: row/column slider op, row "radio button" op for sequencing.

    as far as i'm concerned, these implementations are left as exercises for the enterprising user/hacker! or any interested parties. the programming model for new operators is simple, the monome device drivers are fully functional, there is a wiki page on adding ops, and the whole source code is easily forked on github...

  • Ok then. Thanks.

  • i'm planning on creating more primitive grid ops like you describe-- must have a focus group do decide what's most useful.