sublime text

  • when trying to save a simple file 'hello world' as index.html, the response rendering is unable to save index.html error: permission denied. while i tried doing a stackoverflow search, the results are meh, therefore, unable to resolve this simple issue. any suggestions would be helpful.

  • Not sure I understand the question. You are working in Sublime Text, and trying to create and save a file called index.html? Is the problem that the file cannot be saved?

    What is "response rendering"?

  • editing a read only file?

  • I love sublime text.

  • yeah it's top drawer! I actually alternate between a bunch of text editors for various functions, sublime is defintately the most polished.

  • Make sure that you have permissions to both read and write in the file and directory(folder) you are trying to. Any OS you are using should be able to edit permissions via "right click -> properties/info" type situation.

  • Just needed to save to documents but instead was in another folder