søren plays the arc and the grid.

  • søren andreasen is with us for a few months helping out. he hadn't used an arc before, so we thought we'd get a video of his second day with it after some modifications patches from the wiki.


    he can chime in as to what he's actually controlling in this setup.

    video by kelli!

  • also! we have less than a dozen arc2 and a dozen arc4 left.

  • beautiful beautiful work

  • btw, welcome soren!

    found another great clip: http://youtu.be/3tVVv89g5Ps

  • hi :)
    and thank you gli and beo - glad you liked it.

    i'm very excited to be part of the monome-flow here. helping out in any way possible - shoveling snow and digging into the aleph, among some. hopefully i'll be able to provide some useful scenes, tutorials and i'll try to do something standalone for it as well. maybe a nanoloop inspired sequencer?

    and please don't hesitate to pm me. i'd love to try and help in any way. i feel pretty confident with max/msp and ableton live, and i'm no programmer but c coding is beginning to make sense.

  • "nanoloop inspired sequencer"

    yes please

  • Hi,
    Lovely video and grat performance.
    So, could you please chime in a bit on what are we looking at?
    What is the relationship between the arc and grid here?
    What are you controlling with what?
    Thank you!

  • thank you @laborcamp

    so what's happening is the encoders trigger notes send to 4 different instruments in ableton live. an lfo mode can be activated for each encoder, and this has 6 different waveforms that are chosen in the leftmost 4 columns on the grid. the bottom leftmost two buttons on the grid are held down to set lfo speed or width mode. in addition to this there are 8 cc toggle buttons. the 4 first i've mapped to be able to deactivate the instruments, and the other 4 are mapped to a simple m4l midi-gate on each track. this makes it possible to turn the knobs without triggering notes, obviously. i'd like to add some momentary buttons for shifting between different arc-modes. eg, between note-output and cc-output or clip launching. and i'd be nice to be able to sync the lfo-rates to a certain timing (maybe from live). any ideas are very welcome.

  • Thanks for the video and the edited app.
    Is accessing four encoders with an Arc2 a good idea?

  • hey nitefish! that could be pretty useful if you "only" have an arc2 - definitely. i'll try and fix that in the next couple of days. thanks for the tip!

  • I just ordered my arc4 a couple days ago and this just pumped me up even more. Can't wait to get my hands on it

  • can't believe how long this took me to get around to watching but it's super beautiful!! hope someone else sees this as a result!

  • Damn nice to see you there Søren!