another aleph/sound question

  • I bet this has been answered before, but there are too many aleph related threads with different info scattered throughout them.
    There is probably even a FAQ, maybe i should look for that...

    I understand that integration with the Madronna Soundplane may not be forthcoming, but is it safe to assume that aleph will be able to accept digital audio from the usb port of a computer? I'm hoping to acquire a sounplane in the future and my hope is that aleph could at least mix in the sound from Kaivo using the usb port. Is this possible or easy?

  • From what I understand, audio over USB is not supported. If you want audio from Kaivo, you'd have to use an audio interface and plug into any 4 of the Aleph's ins.

    I have both a soundplane and a manta and would like to help with the interfacing over USB. My Aleph hasn't arrived yet, but when I get it, I'd like to focus on making at least the Manta work, as I understand its code is open-sourced.

  • Thanks, I've been considering something like an audioquest dragonfly anyway, that should work fine. It seems like a very useful thing though to be able to pull in digital audio over usb. Oh well.

  • I picked up one of these around christmas time; basic 2in/2in out, but has worked like a charm and has excellent build quality:

    Or if you need something with a few more ins/outs, I've heard good things about this:

  • Thanks. I have a nice RME at the studio and a little duet here at home. I just hope to be able to plug into less devices and have less of a cord tangle for my own sound explorations.

  • sorry, we really designed aleph as a standalone synth / effects unit and not as an audio interface.

    however, it is technically capable of streaming at least a channel or 2 of audio to the DSP and leaving basically no room for other processing on the controller. to me, this just doesn't seem very useful! either do the DSP you want directly on the laptop, or just use an audio path to the aleph, like you would with any other hardware unit.

    for soundplane support, what we are going for is to use the aleph as a relatively simple soundplane->cv/serial converter, sans laptop. most of the onboard DSP would be taken up by the necessary filtering to cook the raw soundplane data into discrete gesture/controller data.

    i don't know about "forthcoming," because we will need more coding effort to put towards this as well as the direct cooperation of randy and whoever else is responsible for the soundplane protocol details.

  • Ok, thanks.

  • oh! it occurred to me that if you're using a laptop in the equation anyways, you might as well also use it to do the soundplane signal processing and just send cooked gesture input to the aleph over usb. this is much much easier! closer to the intended function of the aleph device port; i expect it will be one of the things that are first added to the aleph-serial protocol, since brian owns a soundplane.

    the demanding nature of the SP data means that you'd really need 2x aleph units to make serious use of it with no other processing or sound source. this is such a rare scenario that i can't be sure the requisite work to make it happen will get done... but it might!

  • Thanks! That sounds like what i was hoping for.

  • @zebra;

    Since both manta and soundplane have Max objects that allow easy access to gesture data, how hard would it be to make a Max Object that interfaces via USB with the Aleph using standard midi/OSC?

  • that's very easy.

    i'm more invested in trying to make these controllers work with aleph without a computer. this should be easy for manta (but i don't have one) and harder for soundplane.

  • No doubt, that would be a wicked end goal, but at least in the meantime it's nice to know we can enable basic functionality for the Soundplane without access to Randy's source code.