party v& and pages, piping ableton audio in

  • title says everything, can i get by with a little help from my friends?

    i have pages corresponding with v&, but i dont understand how to pipe audio from live
    working with osx, running pages with runtime 5, and the only way i can get v& to work with pages external application page is runtime 5.

    thank you in advance.

  • sorry i haven't used the party van, so don't know the exact steps, but i'm guessing something like rewire or soundflower would work?

  • i use jack audio to feed the party van with sounds from live. very stable.
    (os 10.6.8)

  • thanks beo. do you know what type of page i would use to control party van with a monome?

  • The 'external app' page should do it...

  • thanks man, now if i can get ml(ive)r zc to give led feedback... new help thread on the way

    EDIT: i figured out why no extapp would be available. i keep forgetting about having to use max5 runtime for pages external app connectivity.