FS: gs128 (Grayscale) in Perfect Condition

  • I'm the original owner of this gs128 from the May 2010 batch. The keypads were replaced about a year ago. At that time the unit was opened up, cleaned out, the faceplate was washed, new keypads installed, everything reassembled and then the whole thing was covered in plastic cling wrap. Considering the new keypads from Brian work better than the original slightly buggy ones, the unit is technically better than new. The plastic wrap not only protects it from dust and moisture but makes slides across the buttons (think: Trails) much easier. I've left it on for the photos and for shipping, but it can be easily removed if you like. Anyway, it works perfectly, the keypads are sensitive and springy and the case is pristine except for some dust specks. Let's call it mint minus. I added some small gray stickers along the mid-point for reference. If these aren't to your liking they will peel right off.

    I am also including the original print by Kelli that shipped with the unit. It's hard to remember that, pre-aleph, Brian and Kelli had enough extra time for added touches such as this!

    Asking $600 plus shipping & insurance. I'd prefer to ship within the USA but will consider other locations. Local pick-up in Portland, OR is fine as well. Payment via PayPal unless we work something else out. I can point you to my 100% positive feedback on another site (guess which one?) if need be.


    600 x 1202 - 152K
  • is it bus powered? thank you!

  • Yes, it is bus powered but does not support variable brightness.

  • sent you pm

  • @raja: The end of my monoming for now, it's true. I wish it were otherwise, but what can you do? I'll still lurk around here, not to worry.

    Yeah, the plastic wrap thing has been great. Keeps it clean and safe from spills and doesn't really detract from the playability at all. If you cut it to just the right size and wrap it tight you almost don't know it's there. A monome condom--I'd recommend it.

    And for the last time, it's an 'a' not an iron! (Who am I kidding? You've always seen right through me.)

  • Sorry to see you go, @antiphon

  • it really is in perfect condition

    ps :: aleph did actually come with a set of photos/poems/postcards
    everybody mustve been too geeked to post pictures or mention them

  • @declutter: I appreciate the sentiment. I wish it weren't so myself. :'(

    @gli: Good to know they're still shipping art with each device. I always thought that was a nice touch.

  • Any takers at $500 (plus shipping)?

  • Would it be possible for you to ship to Canada?

  • $500 is a sweet deal for this monome!

  • best deal from a reputable source that i've ever seen

    i just cant (unless i sell my 64 first)

  • @atlas: let me look into the shipping cost to Canada and get back to you. Where abouts are you located?

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • @Atlas: Looks like shipping via USPS Priority Mail International will be around $40 to Canada. Let me know if that works for you.

    @gli: "reputable source." Aww, shucks. ;-]

  • Thanks for the quick response :) I'll just need a few days to see if I can afford to buy it right now if thats all right

  • No problem.

  • Unit has been sold.

  • Post it in the title.... Edit it as sold
    ..... :-)