aleph 140222

  • here's a subpage with descriptions of the scenes.

    !! note !! this will break old scenes because we added a bunch of ops and fixes. we're still considering ways to tackle this issue, which are getting potentially rolled into the visual editor.

    unzip the contents, make sure the mod, app, and data folder are on the root of your card.

    don't bootload the -dbg version unless you're planning to look at the serial stream with a computer. it's slower and not for most users.

    the skitter scene is what i used for the aleph wurl snow vid.


  • YES

    thank you!

  • thanks! very appreciated!!!

  • awesome! let's get a chant going to cheer them on, :"pre-set toot, pre-set toot, pre-set toot" :D

  • hahahahaha thanks eos... currently resting up with a crazy cold but now that this is up it makes sense to do the tute finally! got distracted making music with the thing!!

  • "got distracted making music with the thing!!"

    @galapagoose do share :)

  • love skitter!

  • i just got distracted as well!

    Guitar clean, straight into Aleph running Skitter.

  • trying to refine it into something worthy of a video, but will do soon..


    Prophet T8 - several overdubs & CR-78 samples. Both sent through Skitter...but a sort of custom random tinkered version of the scene.

  • @c1t1zen @eos enjoyed both of these

  • Nice tracks guys!

  • @zebra + @tehn regarding my earlier issues with bees > 3.5 + < 4.3 where upon i would flash the unit and then when turning off power have to reflash again….

    now with this newest zip you have posted here using bees 4.3 my unit behaves what i am considering to be normal- that is, i can turn the power off and on and all the data is being read from the sd card, i don't have to reflash! i'm guessing this means that somehow i was messing up the files on my sd card since both anything below 3.5 and now with 4.3 they are "official" releases directly copied from what you posted here on the website and not compilations of my own doing from github.

    on this newest release things seem to be working fine except if i unplug a grid from the aleph while using dronelife the unit crashes, becomes unresponsive to any controls including the power switch. must unplug and plug back in. however, when powered back on everything has returned to normal thankfully! as well, dronelife seems to behave much differently than before when i got it working briefly and shot some instagram video… mainly in that the control over the sound from the encoders and switches on the unit seems to be gone and is only governed by the grid data…

    for now i'm happy to be 'back' and don't have to reflash every time there is a problem… makes debugging and experimenting around so much easier!!! no idea how i was screwing up the files before as i am a thorough researcher if anything. thanks for the skitter scene, it is a joy!

  • @c1t1zen - so sweet! you can share your custom scene if you like! i'd love to try it out as well…

  • @jay good news indeed!! ah did you load the non-dbg version? hotswapping should be good, confused why that's crashing? my scene might suck though, i will test.

  • fyi: in skitter: ENC2 is unmapped but looks like its supposed to be
    ENC2 - output level of delay 0 to dac 1/2?

  • augh i forgot to hit save scene.

    i mapped it to split / dry0 and wet0

  • This is sort of what I was doing with the glitchy drums at the end of that track.

    ENC0 is 94.rMul0
    ENC1 is 098.delay0
    ENC2 is 095.rDiv0
    ENC3 is 080.delay1

    I messed up the switches part of the patch, I was trying to move the footswitch back to the panel. ;P

    I tried to save the melody patch to presets and later realised it doesn't save network connections...or I'm not understanding how to save presets well yet. I have to remember to save my interesting "scenes" more often.

    @tehn I noticed that as well just re-upload the fixed scene.

  • @tehn BTW what is the setting for delay tempo?

  • del0 is the repeat time from the write head to read head. it's in seconds. you could make a bpm divider with a div op. 60000 / tempo = ms.

    sorry the preset tutorial is lagging-- presets are truly powerful, we'll get it posted.

  • Having fun with Skitter. Made another random scene. run a drum machine through it while turning the knobs.

    ENC0 is 090.pos_write0
    ENC1 is 098.delay0
    ENC2 is 089.pos_read0
    ENC3 is 075.loop1

    It does this to a drum loop.

    enjoy :)

  • must point out that you can't actually use the number 60000, sorry.
    30k / bpm * 2 equivalent.

    but actually control value input to time parameters maps only approximately to ms, for weird numerical reasons. it is exactly 1024 steps / second. so a (somewhat) more accurate BPM -> time map would be 30720 / bpm * 2.

  • skitter is terrific! thanks, @tehn.
    i'm trying to set up ENC2 as intended, but when i split to wet0 and dry0, as you mention, the same value goes both places, of course. i think that's not what you had in mind?

  • OK one more before calling it. I'm obviously really enjoying skitter and doing weird stuff with it. Here's one with Numerology into Audiomulch with Aalto running through Skitter.

  • wow @c1t1zen REALLY enjoying the ambience and detail of these recent aleph bits! good work.

  • Thanks for the compliments guys. Especially one from Cylon and Garfunkel!

  • @c1t1 aaltitood is a treasure

    thank you for sharing these