video: aleph/bees/skitter, d-1000, silent way... and also robots

  • aleph/bees/skitter, d-1000, silent way... and also robots

    my camera just does not like to focus on the bots, sorry! they just don't have nice vertical-horizontal lines

    skitter is really excellent

  • this is madness


  • indeed, robots!

  • wow, this is nuts. how is the cv working?

  • really amazing. would love to hear more details of how the robots are being controlled or 'triggered'? thanks.

  • @tehn Yep - that's CalArts.
    The CV is working via Silent Way - QuNeo/Rogue's faders are mapped to the depth of different Silent Way LFOs.
    On the aleph side, I don't know that all four CV connections are doing something - I must be missing something. I wanted to be able to modulate the pitch to which skitter chooses pitch things down, and feedback, and volume of the delay lines to dac. I'm looking forward to the CV videos and any tutorials.

  • @dadek

    basically, the robots are connected to a server that runs ChucK and automagically routes messages to the microcontrollers (and the various actuators) in the robots based on the MIDI channels and of course notes incoming, respectively. There's also a client-side piece of ChucK code, written by the two best and most prolific ChucK hackers out here, that runs from the command line that can receive MIDI from Ableton (or wherever, but Ableton in this case) via the IAC bus, then send messages (not necessarily just MIDI messages, it can send any data) over the network. I'm using the velocity MIDI effect in Ableton Live to limit the velocity with which the robots play.

    Basically, this means you can play the robots just like any synth!

  • so very cool. thanks for the details. i'm looking forward to see where you take all this.