:: aalto/kaivo integration

  • i've searched the forum and not really found definitive answers to a few questions
    ( with enough spare time i might have been able to figure this out on my own...sorry )

    how are ya'll adding aalto to your workflow?
    are there any dedicated apps that allow for grid/arc tweaking?

    this is probably really really basic for some of you but i'm currently at a loss
    i would like to harness the power of an integrated madrona + monome setup

  • Man Aalto is so fun on it's own, great interface. I plug in a MIDI keyboard or route a sequencer to it. Make something good...hit record.
    I'm really interested to see how Kaivo turns out. I like what I've heard so far.

  • so you're just using the keys to send midi notes?

    have you routed cc with any monome apps or other max patches?

  • not yet, still having a blast. With the wiring in the middle I find enough modulation for my needs. I'm still pretty new to it and curious if there are any monome patches for it?

  • http://youtu.be/kqHNfaQ7kFs

    this youtube seems pretty helpful, though I have not gotten around to playing with aalto in max.

  • @tambouri thanks for the link
    i'd seen that when randy posted it but i dont have the full version of max

    if i did making a patch myself wouldve been step one

  • slight tangent. i'd like to run aalto through the aleph as a distortion/phaser box. not sure how yet.

  • i've a play about in max (@wednesdayayayay is the king of alto/max integration) but not mapped anything to the grid yet. i made a mulitislider to control the sequencer which should map nice to a grid.

  • thinking about this again

    any tips on how to control these synths with monomes?

  • I've been thinking about this, too, asked a question, and got some answers at http://www.madronalabs.com/topics/3755-controlling-aalto-via-osc -- I haven't gotten any further with it, but it's still on my list.

  • yeah the most i've done recently was using an arc & electric dharma wheels mess with aalto

    i'm not really sure what was controlling what tho

  • I asked about control/routing/changing patch parameters via osc or otherwise some time back, makes it difficult to get too far without it in a performance setting.

  • my main problem is that i've never been comfortable using midi and have little knowledge of how it works in the real world

    making the routing virtual only makes it more confusing (for me)

  • madrona holiday sale is going on for a few days so i finally got kaivo

    never feel like using it in my daw so i might tinker with max 7 to integrate the two synths w/o logic

    anyway this is really just a post to tell yall about the holiday sale :)

  • sounds like randy is planning on OSC implementation woo

  • Quick question on CPU utilization when running Aalto and Kaivo VSTs within Max.

    I have a 2014 macbook air, i7 processor with 8GBs of RAM. With a 3 voice Kaivo I'm seeing 50% CPU utilization within Max's Audio setup window. With 'Max Scheduler in Overdrive' enabled it drops to about 35%.

    Seemed high so I thought I'd check with others on what you are seeing.

  • that's totally normal. the physical modelling technique randy's using has, until recently, been restricted to offline rendering – the fact it even runs in realtime at all is a huge feat!