sort of solved (i've moved on): ml(ive)r zero conf and pages.

  • works great. im attaching the zip of the version im using. as i need help, its clear that im figuring this out as i go along, and have nothing to do with the patch (just uploaded for ease and link copy sloth)

    PROBLEM: when i look in the max window, the first message is pic attached. i dont know much about max, just a few tutorials/ modifying patches cosmetically, but im dying to learn, and this would be an awesome first hurdle.

    i mean, i know what the red flag means, but i dont know what to do. thank any and all of you to think about it and help me in riding without training wheels.

    EDIT: maybe someone who is curious in the future will figure this out and have a blast, but i just dont care anymore. ive just went ahead and replaced all of this patches functionality with an mlr- type device ive yet to make a final decision on, and myr's djfx edit.